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            Tourist and travel

            Restaurant noma

            africapoint Safari

            Tell us what you want for your African safari or vacation: our experts will advise on an itinerary that best suits your needs and budget.

            Restaurant noma

            africapoint Safari

            Tell us what you want for your African safari or vacation: our experts will advise on an itinerary that best suits your needs and budget.
            Best Restaurants

            Luxury Hotel
            Hong Kong
            HotelsBed & BreakfastCampsites
            DowntownTownhouseNear beach
            BeachFarmhouseCamping cabins
            Luxury Hotels
            HotelsBed & BreakfastCampsites
            Find and book Hotels in Hong Kong with our extensive hotel guide. View comments and reviews from budget to luxury hotels
            Hong Kong China乐福彩票app下载安装
            Hong KongHong KongHong Kong
            Hong Kong  China乐福彩票app下载安装  Cityzens: 7234800
            City Km2: 1,104  Religion: Buddhism  Region: South Central China乐福彩票app下载安装
            area Hong Kong
            area Population: 7.234.800 Inhabitants
            Larger City Hong Kong
            Main Airport: Hong Kong
            Currency: HK$
            Hong Kong is a´ City located in Hong_Kong in the South Central China乐福彩票app下载安装 area of China乐福彩票app下载安装 Asia
            Countrycode: CN  Continent: Asia

            Hong Kong is a City in China乐福彩票app下载安装 - Asia, located in a beautiful area Hong Kong city has a population of 7234800 inhabitants. Visit Hong Kong and discover a town of beautiful and varied scenery, Hong Kong can offer many exciting experiences, good Restaurants and hotels, are you maybe looking for a Bed & Breakfast or camping space, you can choose from a range of options, Whatever where you go in Hong Kong, you'll always find a friendly smile.
            Local Language

            Hong Kong China乐福彩票app下载安装

            Hong Kong is super modern

            The former British colony, Hong Kong remains the vibrant, busy, city it was always famed to be. Hong Kong is super modern, high rise, fast, highly metropolitan, cosmopolitan and dynamic. The food is delectable, the fashion and technology are first class and the shopping opportunities world beating.

            Hong Kong penisula China乐福彩票app下载安装

            Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China乐福彩票app下载安装, Hong Kong is a city on the southern coast of China乐福彩票app下载安装 at the Pearl River East. Hong Kong is well known for its deep natural harbour, expansive skyline and extreme population density (over seven million inhabitants at the land mass of 1,104 km2 - 426 sq mi). The current population of Hong Kong comprises 93.6% ethnic Chinese. A major part of Hong Kong's Cantonese-speaking majority is originated from the neighbouring Canton province Guangdong and Hong Kong's de facto official language is Cantonese.

            Hong Kong penisula China乐福彩票app下载安装

            On 1 July 1997, the transfer of sovereignety of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China乐福彩票app下载安装 took place; this significant event officially marked the end of Hong Kong's 156 years under British colonial governance.

            Despite of this, Hong Kong's legal system is completely independent from the legal system of mainland China乐福彩票app下载安装. In contrast to mainland China乐福彩票app下载安装's civil law system, Hong Kong continues to follow the English Common Law tradition established under British rule.

            Hong Kong international financial centres China乐福彩票app下载安装

            As a separate customs territory, Hong Kong continues to play an active role in the international arena and maintains close contact with the international partners. Under the Basic Law, Hong Kong is exclusively in charge of its external relations, whilst the Government of the People's Republic of China乐福彩票app下载安装 is responsible for its foreign affairs. According to the Basic Law, Hong Kong may on its own, using the name "Hong Kong, China乐福彩票app下载安装", maintain and develop relations and conclude and implement agreements with foreign states and regions and relevant international organisations in the appropriate fields, including the economic, trade, financial and monetary, shipping, communications, tourism, cultural and sports fields.

            Many people ask what country乐福彩票app下载安装 is Hong Kong in? The answer isn’t as simple as it may seem; with its own money, passports and legal system Hong Kong isn’t quite Chinese, but with Chinese flags flying from its buildings and Beijing appointing its chief executive it isn’t quite independent. We unravel exactly what country乐福彩票app下载安装 Hong Kong is in, but we have put it in the sourthern end of South Central China乐福彩票app下载安装

            Hong Kong penisula China乐福彩票app下载安装

            Hong Kong is one of the world's leading international financial centres, and Hong Kong has a major capitalist service economy characterised by low taxation and free trade. The currency, Hong Kong dollar, is the eighth most traded currency in the world.

            Hong Kong street food China乐福彩票app下载安装

            Food in Hong Kong.  There is really no need to spend extortionately on food in Hong Kong; in fact the city has to be one of the world’s great food bargains. Superb Cantonese food is available for little more than pocket money and Indian, Thai and Malay dishes can also be had at bargain prices. It’s only when you start moving into Western cuisine that prices start eating up your budget.

            For the best street food, go  for Woo Sung St , running parallel to the east, or to the section of Temple St north of the temple. You can get anything from a simple bowl of noodles to a full meal. There are also a few seafood and hotpot restaurants in the area.

            The liveliest night market in Hong Kong, Temple St extends from Man Ming Lane in the north to Nanking St in the south and is cut in two by the Tin Hau temple complex. While you may find better bargains further north in New Kowloon, and certainly over the border in Shenzhen, it is still a good place to go for the bustling atmosphere and the smells and tastes on offer from the dai pai dong (open-air street stall) food.

            Hong Kong penisula China乐福彩票app下载安装

            People shop here for cheap clothes, watches, pirated CDs, fake labels, footwear, cookware and everyday items. Any marked prices should be considered suggestions – this is definitely a place to bargain.

            Hong Kong sights China乐福彩票app下载安装

            Budget Sightseeing in Hong Kong
            Most of Hong Kong’s best sights can be done for free, or for the price of a ferry or bus ticket. An iconic Star Ferry ride across Victoria Harbour costs just a couple of dollars, entry to the excellent Hong Kong Heritage Museum is just a dollar and walking around the bustling markets is free, if you keep your wallet closed. Even many of Hong Kong’s most famous experiences such as Tai Chi and tea tasting can be done for free thanks to the excellent Hong Kong Tourism Board.

            Tourist Resources of Hong Kong: Ocean Park, Taiping Moutain, Qingshan Temple, Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantou Island, Repulse Bay, Standley Market, Avenue of Stars etc.


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            Hong Kong China乐福彩票app下载安装


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