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            Find and book Hotels in Central Nevada with our extensive hotel guide. View comments and reviews from budget to luxury hotels
            Carson City Nevada

            Carson City  Nevada  Cityzens: 52457
            City Km2: 125 Km2  Religion: Cristian  Region: Central Nevada
            Council: Robert Crowell, Mayor
            Council Population: 2,6 mill Inhabitants
            Larger City Los Angeles
            Main Airport: Carson City, NV, USA
            Distance to: Los Angeles 471 km
            Currency: US $
            Carson City is a´ City located in All in the Central Nevada area of Nevada United States
            Countrycode: US-NV  Continent: United States

            Carson City is a City in Nevada - United States, located in a beautiful area Carson City city has a population of 52457 inhabitants. Visit Carson City and discover a town of beautiful and varied scenery, Carson City can offer many exciting experiences, good Restaurants and hotels, are you maybe looking for a Bed & Breakfast or camping space, you can choose from a range of options, Whatever where you go in Carson City, you'll always find a friendly smile.
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            Visit Carson City

            Welcome乐福彩票app下载安装 to Nevada's Historic Capital - Carson City

            The Hub of the Sierra
            Long considered “the Hub of the Sierra,” Carson City has a distinct character that has been molded by the industries that made it a bustling frontier town of the late 1800s – logging, mining, and of course, the railroad. Today’s recreational pioneers are still hitting pay dirt, enjoying a mother lode of history, sightseeing, shopping, skiing, golf, and more. Sweeten the pot with first-class accommodations, casino action, entertainment, and special community events and you’ll find the Carson City of today – a thriving capital with culture, charm and all the adventure of the Wild West.

            Full of beauty and mountains. Carson City sits in the center of one of the most scenic and historic areas in the country乐福彩票app下载安装, making it the perfect starting point for sightseeing. Carson City’s backyard is 乐福彩票app下载安装 to North America’s Largest concentration of ski resorts, and the “Divine Nine” championship golf courses, which have been voted among the nation’s best. The High Sierra backdrop also offers hiking, biking, hunting, and fishing. To top off an exciting day, relaxing hot springs resorts restaurants, live music, poetry, and casino nightlife are plentiful in the evenings.

            Entertainment for the whole family. The options are as diverse as our heritage. Children will love the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada, and kids of all ages will enjoy the Nevada State Railroad. The small communities of Carson City and the surrounding area revel in their distinctly Western Past, and special events like the Carson City Rendezvous, the Genoa Candy Dance, and the Silver Dollar Car Classic continue throughout the year.

            Carson City is approximately 153 square miles in area.  It abuts the Sierra Nevada Mountains which are the entrance to the basin from the west and the terminus from the east.  The magnificent mountains intercept and exhaust the moisture of the air currents ever flowing from the Pacific Ocean eastward, consequently they pass comparatively rainless over the broad basin region, leaving it desert-like.



            Consolidation and Form of Government

            The debate concerning consolidation of Ormsby County and Carson City continued for some 20 years.  Finally, the process was formally intitiated and, after two legislative sessions, and a favorable statewide vote by the citizens in 1966, the required constitutional amendment was   ratified by the electorate in November 1968.  Thereafter the 55th Session of the Legislature passed Senate Bill No. 75 and Ormsby County and Carson City were thereby consolidated into one municipal government known as Carson City Consolidated Municipality.   The Charter was approved on April 1, 1969.

            The local governing body is composed of a five-member elected representation called the .  The Mayor and four Supervisors are elected by and accountable to the voters.  All of the members of the Board serve 4-year staggered terms. The Mayor and Supervisors from Wards 2 and 4 are elected during Presidential election years.  The Supervisors from Wards 1 and 3 are elected during off-Presidential election years.

            Carson City Facts:
            Population as of 2000 census 52,457
            Land Area in square miles 146
            Land Area in square kilometers 371.8
            Surface Water in square kilometers                                 31.9
            Elevation 4,687' above sea level
            Position 39.14 degrees north of the equator and 119.74 degrees west of the prime meridian


            Average Annual Snowfall 22.2"
            Average Annual Rainfall 11.8"
            Average High Temperature (Summer)                                         89°
            Average Low Temperature (Winter) 19°
            Average Growing Season 123 days
            Average Yearly Days of Sunshine 266 days


                                    Driving Distances from Carson City

            Lake Tahoe 14                   Los Angeles 445
            Reno 30 Boise 459
            Sacramento 165 Salt Lake City              556
            San Francisco              261 Portland 616
            Las Vegas 411 Seattle 751

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