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            Find and book Hotels in Austin with our extensive hotel guide. View comments and reviews from budget to luxury hotels
            Austin Texas

            Austin  Texas  Cityzens: 969587
            Religion: Christian  Region: Texas Hill Country
            County Travis county
            County Population: 1176558 Inhabitants
            Larger City Austin
            Main Airport: Austin
            Currency: US$
            Austin is a´ City located in Travis in the Texas Hill Country area of Texas United States
            Countrycode: US-TX  Continent: United States

            Austin is a City in Texas - United States, located in a beautiful area Austin city has a population of 969587 inhabitants. Visit Austin and discover a town of beautiful and varied scenery, Austin can offer many exciting experiences, good Restaurants and hotels, are you maybe looking for a Bed & Breakfast or camping space, you can choose from a range of options, Whatever where you go in Austin, you'll always find a friendly smile.
            Local Language

            Texas Hill Country

            Texas Hill Country

            Texas Gulf Coast region mapThe Texas Hill Country AVA is an American Viticultural Area located in the Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio and west of Austin, Texas. The appellation is the second largest American Viticultural Area, and covers an area of over 9,000,000 acres (36,422 km2). Despite the cultural influence of the local Texas German population, most of the grape varietals grown in the Texas Hill Country originate from France, Italy, or Spain rather than the cooler climate of Germany.

            Texas Hill country乐福彩票app下载安装The Texas Hill Country is the heart of Texas. Texas has plenty of beautiful natural attractions, including forests, plains, deserts, mountains, ocean fronts, drylands, wetlands and almost every eco system loved by man. The Texas Hill Country is known as the backyard playground for Texans that like to have fun, enjoy nature, hang out, live and retire. We like our big cities like Austin and San Antonio, but we also love our smaller towns like Bandera, Fredericksburg, Gruene, Kerrville, Luckenbach, Marble Falls, New Braunfels, and Utopia. If your lucky enough to live here, then you understand what we mean, if your fortunate enough to vacation here then you share why we love it. Even if you simply visit or pass thru, you will see why we feel blessed to be the best of Texas.

            Texas Hill country乐福彩票app下载安装 long horn cattleThe Texas Hill country乐福彩票app下载安装 is famous for its cattle country乐福彩票app下载安装. These hills are people country乐福彩票app下载安装. People can hike, hunt, fish, swim, camp, or just socialize. On the other hand, walk off out of sight and out of earshot and find a live oak to sit under and lean back against. A river-cut valley runs at your feet. Overhead the blue skies carry a fleet of small clouds. And you relax, doing nothing, except realizing how lucky you are to let the world go look after itself while you breathe deeply and let your mind wander through the hills of TX which surround you. These are the famous hills of Texas, come and explore what God has prepared.

            Texas Hill country乐福彩票app下载安装Most of the beautiful hill country乐福彩票app下载安装 areas in the state of  Texas. Located in central Texas and is composed of 25 counties, reaching the metropolit an areas of both Austin and San Antonio. It is an ideal area for walking and exploring, and there are many great camping sites available. If you are looking for a camp in the Texas Hill Country, and then consider some of these great spots for family camping holidays.
             Blanco State Park Texas Hill country乐福彩票app下载安装 White River

             Blanco State Park
            - Located about 40 miles north of San Antonio this park consists of 104 acres of rest along the White River. We have modern bathrooms with showers and campsites near 30. All sites have water and electricity and some have sewer connections. Also examined here are seven shelters, playgrounds, and a dump station. Field, swimming, picnic, hike or fish in the river and enjoy. Tube rentals, canoeing and kayaking are available at the park.

             Garner State Park
            Garner State Park Camp Wood Texas- Located about 30 miles north of Uvalde, or about 93 miles northwest of San Antonio, this park consists of 1,419 hectares and has 10 acres of riverbank along the crystal waters of the river cold. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come here each year. There are hundreds of campsites available and a wide range of services. In addition, there are a limited number of cabins available for rent, both inside and outside the park. The concession building serves meals and snacks and dancing is available jukebox summer nights. In addition, there are sand volleyball courts, basketball courts and miniature golf are available. Field, swimming, fishing, cycling, picnic, rent a canoe or kayak, tubing down the river, or walking on miles of hiking interest.

            Texas Hill country乐福彩票app下载安装 Inks Lake State ParkInks Lake State Park
            - Located on the outskirts of Burnet about 67 miles northwest of Austin, this park consists of approximately 1200 acres along the lake of ink on the Colorado River. This park has hundreds of camp sites and cabins available for rent limited use. This is one of the best parks for hiking, because it has 7.5 miles of trails, which includes 1.5 miles of trails for backpackers and a primitive camping area used for a trail camp. There is a golf course 9 holes with cart rental and club available, and a park store that sells groceries and rents rowboats, canoes and surf bikes. Longhorn Cavern State Park is within walking distance to the southeast and is definitely worth visiting during your stay.

            McKinney Falls State ParkTexas McKinney Falls State Park
            - Located just 13 miles southeast of Austin, this park is located in 744 acres. Facilities include a half-dozen selected shelters and more than 80 campsites with water and electricity. Picnic, fishing, camping, biking or walking and enjoying the beautiful scenery. There are about 3.5 miles of paved trails and 4 miles of multipurpose trails used for hiking and mountain biking. If you live in or near Austin, you can be enjoying here in minutes.

             Texas Hill country乐福彩票app下载安装 Bandera cowboy saloonBandera, Texas
            was founded 1852 as a cypress shingle camp, and the site of a Mormon colony established 1854. Bandera, Texas is one of the oldest Polish communities in the U.S.

            An authentic Western town, surrounded both by working and guest ranches, Bandera, Texas bills itself as the Cowboy Capital of the World. Rodeos are held at least twice weekly from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Check with the Bandera Convention and Visitors Bureau for the schedule.

            Horseback riding is available, plus swimming in Bandera, Texas resort pools or clear Hill Country lakes and rivers. Bandera, Texas visitors enjoy fine year-round fishing, hunting in seasons for wild turkey and white-tailed deer, camping, hiking, rodeos, horse races, two 18-hole golf courses, and Country/Western dances.

            Camp Wood, TexasCamp Wood Texas

            Swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, floating down the Nueces River, camping, and hiking are favorite activities to be enjoyed by family and friends in the Camp Wood area.

            Bird watching in the area is great. There are approximately 200 species that visit the area each year.

            Hunters come in from all over during the season for years. Bow hunting is popular and they even have contests during the annual fair.

            The beautiful, crystal clear water of the Nueces River is enjoyed by all! It is spring-fed and the waters flow through the limestone bluffs of the Edwards Plateau as the river winds its way downstream all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Some say it is the "Mother River of the Texas Hill Country" since it feeds the Frio and Sabinal Rivers.


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